DarkScintilla: Maxscript Editor dark scheme


A dark color scheme for the Maxscript Editor, inspired by dark schemes available for other IDEs

As i was doing more and more max scripting lately, the urge to do something with the eye hurting Maxscript Editor colors escalated. So i sat down today and had a walkthrough on the various options Scintilla (Maxscript Editors core) provides.

After that i started to tweak, and integrate the color scheme and font settings which i use in other IDE’s like Monodevelop, Flashdevelop or Eclipse ( even VS is set to the dark scheme here). Additionally i transfered nearly all of the color settings previously in the “maxscript.properties” to the “MXS_EditorUser.properties” file, using symbolic color names etc…

So here is the result:
It has not been tested to all it’s extends, but this is a pretty complete set.

[/li][li]There is no adapted “html.properties”, so html display is not “recolored” -> see readme in the zip
[/li][li]This scheme uses Microsofts Consolas font, which is freely downloadable at MS ( see link inside the zip)
[/li][li]Changes can easily be done, just edit self-explaining symbolic color values in “MXS_EditorUser.properties”.
[/li][li]If you make some improvements and tweaks, please contact me and share and i will integrate them
[/li][li]For info about updates, fixes etc. please visit the original post on Scriptspot

Suggestions, improvements etc… are welcome

Download here

Her is how it looks

MaxPyDarkTheme: Dark Theme for Scripting Editor in Python Language PyMXS

looks very good, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Strange, doesnt work for me. I followed the instructions (max is shutdown) then restart with new files in place and colorscheme is still the same as before


hmmm -i think i found the problem…

If you are using userprofiles ( installsettings.ini has “useUserProfiles=1” - which is the default )
you have to copy the “MXS_EditorUser.properties” file to the 3ds max user folder, where 3sdmax.ini sits… on my system (windows 7 x64) this would be

C:\Users\Spacefrog\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2011 - 64bit\enu

but apparently that is OS and install dependent. I will update the readme in the zip accordingly …

Later on i will create a short maxscript install utility

Thx for reporting …


Just updated the package to V1.2.
Now it comes as an installable Maxscript package (*.mzp). Simply drag and drop into a 3ds Max viewport , and the install script will guide you through the process. Now automatically creates backups from existing files and provides an uninstall option.
Small color/font tweaks too…

Download is from the same link in the first post :slight_smile:

If you are using IE it can happen that the download comes with *.zip extension, simply change it back to *.mzp. Some IE configuration change extensions based on the file’s content…


I like, thx! :slight_smile:


I think we all know what this will lead to, right?!
I also have a custom color scheme, and wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way of distributing that too, and maybe also allow others to make custom schemes ooor, some converter for popular vim/n++ e.a like schemes…

I’m not saying we should, but we could…




I get an error when I drag and drop the mzp file, it complains about the sunkenedge ?
When I simply put it in comment it doesn’t get any better.

Also I get the same error when I change it back to zip, unpack it and drag&drop the instal.mzp.


Totally strange … which Max Version ?

apparently it’s an old Max Version, damn - forgot to test the install package on Max2008/Max2009… But now that i did so, i see the same error. Stay tuned, i will fix that ASASP
Thanks for reporting…


Okay - fixed and updated to 1.2a

Really stupid Label-text error. In fact, you can’t assign a Label’s text to a string variable during creation on older Max versions, but it seems to work in Max 2012…

thx again and sorry for the hickup…


it was max version 2011 , gonna try it here at home now and get back at you!

forgot I didn’t have a 2011 installed at home, working at 2010 and 2012, gonna look at it tomorrow!




Should be:



Whoa - thanks for reporting this James
already started to wonder what the hell is going on with autointending - so i switched it off here :wink: . Fixed it inprompto and new version is online (same link)


Nice work.
But only the Font is not changed .I use Max 2010 64Bit.


You have to download and install it. The font used is available for free at Microsoft.


This and further details are in the readme…


I install this font already… But the Font isn’t changed… I don’t know where is the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


Me, myself and my eyes thank you spacefrog.

Looking forward to showing this off monday morning.

Cheers, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback …

just updated the package to 1.2c (same link)
Klaas Nienhuis ( @scriptspot) found an error dealing with verbatim string ( caused by another typo ). This is now fixed. Additionally i changed the caret color to some darker gry, to make it more visible on white backgrounds ( this is a global setting )


still the first thing I install when I get to work on a new computer (I have to change a lot).
Would it be possible to implement something to have floating maxscript editor windows?
So that it would be possible to be viewing 2 maxscript windows at the same time.

Thnx again for this amaizing script!


thanks for the nice feedback - very appreciated :slight_smile:

The split-view or even only mutliple window options is not possible with the Maxscript editor. As it’s based on SciTE/Scintilla it inherits all of SciTE’s limitations, and this is one …
I would like to have that feature too, but as i said - this is not possible

This is a post from Neil answering some request on some SciTE forum ( Neil being the original Scintilla/SciTE author)

> I use it for everything, but am having to jump around a lot and a
> split screen would be a very big help. I have checked the site, but did
> not see anything other than the output pane.
> Is it possible as it now stands and I am missing it or could it be
> done?

This is not supported. It could be done. I’m not sure if it would
be a beneficial feature as it adds complexity and it is very easy to
start a second copy of SciTE.