dark lights in vray


hello everybody!
i am into vray for about two weeks and i am having a terrifying problem.
all my vray lights appear to emit a grey, scary light. the colour of my lights is set to a yellowish white, all the materials are vray, and i am currently rendering with a standard max camera (however, the scary effect persists even if i change it with a vray physical one).
i really dont understand this and i would hugely appreciate any help from you guys. i,ve inserted a little image of my big problem here. http://img220.imageshack.us/my.php?image=darkzm5.jpg
thank you all in advance


I think you better post this question in a render related section in stead of a compositing related place like in this Apple Shake section.
I sugest you try 'Lighting and Shadersor a section related to the host package you use. I suppose it’s 3Ds Max or Maya?

Kind Regards,


sorry for my last post - i realized i was on the wrong section a few hours later; ive solved the problem anyway; thankz for helpin


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