Darius Fan art


This is a real character based on Darius character from LOL. I’ll be uploading more images in the upcoming days. Hope you like it!


Hey Andres, That`s an awesome character model :smiley: Would love to see the wireframe!
I had some good times in top lane as Darius, A cheeky game or two as support aswell… For fun! :wink:


Hey Andres como estas?
That character is looking amazing!


Hi guys, thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

This is the wireframe of my character, hope you like it! any comment is welcome

50k tris


New updates on the character :slight_smile: hope you like it


Wow Andres I dont think I have that kind of topology in me. Its so crisp!
I like the presentation shot! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I’ll be posting my work in this thread, so I don’t create a new one each time :slight_smile: This time I want to share with you a character I did for a job test (didn’t have the job but, whatever) Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hey man that`s a killer character. Was it a long art test?


Hey Adrian, thanks!

Actually no, I had two weeks to do it … I delivered a first version and after that, I took a couple of days refining things, just for fun. Things that I retouch were roughness maps, hair alphas and render in marmoset.


Phew, a badass looking viking warrior. Good job with the design as it looks sleek without being overly flashy .


Very cool characters dude!


Some good threads glad to see the progression of skills here. nicely done


Hi guys! I want to share a likeliness practice that ended up in a game character hehe hope tou like it, everything was designed by me, I need to learn more of that field, but was something I always wanted to do :slight_smile:

Travis - Thanks so much for your comment!


Looking rad!