Dare to share - messiah 5 from 10$


I found it deserves a plug here:



Unfortunately so few even see these few forums hidden away down here. But yeah, this should be posted here as well in case a few stragglers don’t check other forums. Hopfeully this viral marketing campaign will pan out for PMG as well as the users. I’d certainly love to see Messiah get a far larger piece of the animation market!


That thought occurred to me too. It has been a long time since I read something in the cgtalk Messiah forum, and just by really looking did I find out it is still working.

Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try Messiah, but I was not as knowledgeable, and the price was a bit high for not really needing it, but I’ve taken the plunge with the $40 pro version.


Likewise JuanManuel, I’ve just barely located this forum. I put my $50 in, $40 for myself and $10 for a friend.


This place is kind of quiet. It doesn’t help considering that it’s hidden in the back corner (“more forums”) instead of the more visible (“software forums”) spot.

Regardless of that, if this deal goes through - I suspect this place will be getting really busy fairly soon. Particularly if the sales goal is on the high side at something like half a million dollars (if not more) and dividing that by some ratio of $10 or $40. That could be a lot of users.

I know I’ll be dropping by here often enough if it goes through. First because I got in on this deal, and second because I’m already registered to CGsociety. (Frankly I hate having to fill out forms and setting up accounts all the time.) Some of the Animation sub-forums at other places will be getting more busy too.

Be prepared and brace yourselves for the coming noob-flood. And count me among them. :arteest:


i’ve bought 2 pro licenses for my self and a pro licence as a gift :thumbsup:
most people go to the setup tab forums as this one is not very easy to find.

of course that may change with the userbase boost! :wip:


I added two more seats of messiah. Too great a deal to pass up.

And with Setuptab being the main messiah site/forum, I don’t know that I wish the cg talk part to get really busy. Checking one site that large is plenty. But we’ll see…



I bought a copy, then told world+dog, and sure enough they made it!

It’ll make a nice change from Blender (lol)! Which I guess I’ll still use to model and map until I can afford something more powerful (hmm, Modo maybe).

Oh joy, another learning curve. But the online docs look good and there’s plenty of training.

And yes, I had to do a lot of digging to find this forum!


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