Daniele Bernardini, lead & technical artist


Hi everyone!
Only now I realize that despite having posted a couple of times here, I’ve never done a proper introduction of myself… :slight_smile:
So it’s about time to write something about me, hoping this were the right place!
I’m Daniele from Italy and I’m one of the co-founders of Untold Games (previously named Foofa Studios), a videogame development company in Genova.
Despite my degree in computer science, I turned to full-time art since the foundation of the company and now my role is both as lead artist and as technical artist: I’m in charge of supervising and managing all art production plus production tasks from a more technical point.
So I don’t do a lot of modeling or texturing in these days (for example) but I work more with tools and game engines doing shaders, snippets of interactions (with UE4 blueprints for example), rigging, basic animation and scripting.
My career is going in that direction and my mutation from a 3D generalist to a technical artist seems to be inevitable in time :slight_smile:
Another aspect related to our field that I love is animation: working in the animation industry was one of my first dreams (I have a funny picture of mydelf, during honeymoon, while hugging one of the colums of Pixar campus in emeryville).
I can’t always do animation for our project, due to time restrictions and sometimes ability, but I always try to improve me and keep one foot there… even if only reading a good book on that topic :slight_smile:

As a company we started in 2008 with online flash games, then mobile and finally PC-PS4 with our VR title Loading Human.
Now we are both into game development and business projects, in particular using virtual reality in different fields (training, industrial, medical…).

Well… I think that’s all folks!