Cycle error problem on ik leg rig


First off you need maya 2018 or higher

OK, so I’ve been working on a rig. I’ve finally gotten my stretchy IK and lock for the arms done: but when I try the exact same process with the legs, I get cycle error glitches out the wazoo.

I dont understand why either. My IK ankle and knee only has one constraint on it: and it’s the parent constraint linking the ik limbs to the bound skeleton. My IK handles for the leg: aside from the main one only has a pole vector constraint: they are parented under the foot IK controller. There should be nothing for the connection I’m making to conflict with any constraints or cause any cycles.

To re-create this glitch:

Open the stretchy IK tab in the node editor and connect “lf_leg_corTransMult.outputX” to “lf_kneeCapIK.translateX” and “lf_leg_corTransMult.outputY” to “lf_ankleIK.translateX”

This cycle error is driving me to my wit’s end and I’ve tried everything, EVERYTHING short of tactical nuclear weaponry. I’ve tried opening everything the IK knee and ankle is connected to and deleting various constraints to see if it solves the problem, I’ve done the same with the IK handles and still: nothing.

If anyone is willing to take a crack at it, i’ll be happy to message you a link


Never mind I figured it out: my bound limbs are driven by the parent constraints, while the ik limbs are run by the locators: which are parented under the bound joints causing a cycle. If you’re using distance dimension nodes, make sure the locators they are attached to arent parented under the main skeleton.