CV Art Smart Issue


I was following along with Rick Barrett’s new CV Art Smart demo and I was able to transfer spline data via the clipboard from c4d to Illustrator. However…all I got was one hexagon, not the cloned set as per his demo.

I am using the latest version of c4d, illustrator.

I followed the example including hexagons, a cloner, a random effector. As Rick did in his example, I selected the cloner before triggering the plugin.


I do have to say that is really a nice tool. Lots of practical uses to quickly get something into Illustrator…or get c4d path data on into Photoshop.


Glad you like the plugin!

It sounds like you have an old version of CV-ArtSmart. The option to copy clones, parametric splines and edges was added in December as part of the 2.8 update. Make sure you only have one instance of CV-ArtSmart installed (check both the app plugins and the prefs plugins) and that the most recent version is installed either from the Cineversity website or CV-Toolbox.


No, I have the latest version of ArtSmart installed.

I just got it work on a different file with a cloner, but not on the one where seemingly I’m doing what you did in your demo.

I’m attaching the file.


I’ve tried to copy/paste in AI CS4 but doesn’t work. We need AI CC ?

I would be happy to see the same with Affinity Designer.


Thanks for the file - I figured it out.

You need to disable Render Instances so that the Cloner’s cache includes all of the objects.


I think it should work because the clipboard internally is using AI8 formatting, but I don’t have CS4 handy to test. Are you using the ArtSmart Copy and ArtSmart Paste commands in the Plugins>CV-ArtSmart menu? Does anything appear in the Console (Shift-F10) when you try to copy or paste?

I’ve never used Affinity Designer, but when I have a chance I’ll see what I can figure out.


Razor sharp as always.
This is why Maxon is paying you the big bucks, Rick.

They are paying you the big bucks…the REALLY big bucks… right?


I can copy/paste paths from Illustrator to Affinity…so that would suggest it might work to go from ArtSmart to Affinity.

I’ve moved my c4d work to my PC so I can’t readily try going from ArtSmart to Affinity.


It works if you export from AD as an eps.


I know with AD : export in eps. I use it almost every day

What I don’t like about “cv art smart import” :

  • point 0 in AI is not at 0 in C4D. 0 in C4D is the the bottom left corner in AI.
  • scale is not the same. In c4d preferences, we can change values (0,3528 is the exact value), not in CV artsmart.

For these 2 points, I prefer register in AI 8 my AI files.

Is clipboard dependent of the system (mac os 10.8.5) ?


I’ll look into those points when I get a chance. ArtSmart and the Illustrator import both natively use a scale of 1 Illustrator point = 1 C4D project unit. C4D does offer a scale option though, and I’ll see if that could be added to ArtSmart.

The clipboard functionality utilizes some special functions on Windows and a helper app on OSX, but it should work transparently on both OSes. There’s an issue right now with Windows 10 that I’m patching right now, but otherwise let me know if you’re experiencing issues.


Definitely not for me with AI CS4 ! I will ask for french forum.

It’s a pity, this plugin is very great.

EDIT : works since CS5


I fixed a scale issue with CV Art Smart this way:
in this plugin’s file \plugins\CV-ArtSmart\lib\
find a string
self.ctm = geom.TransformMatrix()
and append after it this two lines:
self.ctm.a /= 28.3465
self.ctm.d /= 28.3465

Now all scales are 1:1 from Illustrator to C4D out of the box.
You can try it, but may be on your system a scale ratio will be different. But it’s easy to correct :slight_smile:


rick why is cv artsmart not installing in my c4d r20 yet i did as instructed in the video


All the CV tools, from what I understand, are part of Cineversity, and subject to active Maxon licensing. Currently I believe that is for subscription customers only.

It’s one of the many coercive measures Maxon is trying to use to force people onto subscriptions.


As far as I can tell CV import, CV smart export and CV art smart still work on my R21 perpetual license, despite my cineversity account being inactive for a while now.

I don’t know if they’d allow me to install them fresh though.