Custom layouts and UI performance


I have 2 monitors and an extensively customized 2 monitor layout I use, and occasionally see weird UI performance laggy slow downs. Not always, and I can’t connect what makes it happen. If it is acting weird and I switch to the stock single monitor layout that will be zippy, so it seems to be layout related.

Are there known issues, rules, things to avoid, best practices, etc with creating custom layouts?

R20, MacOS 10.13, MacProTrashCan™, Dual D700s, 64GB ram


I have 3 monitors with a vastly customized layout too (multiple views, tabs with toolbars with click-to-open subicon bars, tons of attribute managers in different modes, plugins, scripts, shortcuts, all that jazz), but I never noticed any lag due to the layout.

The Content Manager uses some startup time so I did not integrate it in the basic layout.

Multiple views may need some time when refreshing all of them.

Having managers open for specific objects does require update time for the GUI but it should not be noticeable to have one more listener on the object.

Perhaps a timeline linked to the object manager that needs to be completely refreshed at every new selection…?


I had been suspecting the timeline - maybe you’re on to something with it being linked to object manager selection (which I had activated). I’ll click that off next time and see if it fixes it