Curves plugin (fillet, chamfer, merge) - interactive editing



I work on a project with curves and sweep on Maya 2022. After testing curves, I’m a little bit dissapointed. Curves are complicated to edit/manipulate. I made some research/tests on different software (houdini, max…) and I would like to try develop a plugin for editing curves in the same way of houdini/max/c4D (a mix keeping best options/editing of these soft). I made some tests (python, openMaya) but my knowledge are limited. I come from AS3/JS so develop in C++ are really intimidating. Help on maya documentation are a bit complicated for me.

So I develop a project (preview) on JS to give you an idea of what I’m trying to do.

I managed to create curves, to apply fillet but I don’t understand how I can interact with curves after creating in a panel, how I can add handle to interact with fillet, etc. I find script to add new attributes for each vertex but I would be able to edit coordinates/fillet-chamfer options and I can’t edit curve (control vertex) after creation.

Here is a link for my project (develop in JS) :

In the right side, I simulate my panel plugin, on left side the outliner. Instructions are on bottom…

Sorry for my awful english.

Every help, tips are welcome. Please help me.