Curve warp deformed geometry with unexpected scaling


I have imported an alembic animation, combined mesh into a single mesh, then applied a curve warp to animate along the curve. I am getting unexpected scaling as shown in the link.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing to cause this unexpected scaling?


Playing with the ‘mesh scaling’ options for the curve warp will scale down the diameter of the geometry on the curve without affecting length. This will at least scale down the geometry so that the proportions are more correct.

However I need to keep the scale closer to the real world (as in the same as the original imported size) as it relates to other geometry. I see no way to scale the length longer than ‘length scale’ = 1. You can scale the length so that it’s shorter on the curve, but this is the opposite of what I need.

I also see that you cannot non-proportionally scale the combined mesh prior to the curve warp as it scales the geometry on the curve with world axis and distorts the geometry after it’s on the curve. odd.