Current manipulator and active objects have no keyable attributes Error



I am trying to move Dana’s rig controller and I get the error Warning: file: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2020/ line 633: Current manipulator and active objects have no keyable attributes, or animation layers are present and the
BaseAnimation bar is not selected or locked. //

What can I do?


There is a root controller in my rig which has a blender option in its outputs (Channel Box) . This blender option is red and 0 by default. Whenever I try to alter its value e.g. 1, I get the error message "setAttr “Dana_Rig_v1_7:ScaleBlendRoot_M.blender” 1;
// Error: line 1: setAttr: The attribute ‘Dana_Rig_v1_7:ScaleBlendRoot_M.blender’ is locked or connected and cannot be modified. //
copyKey -t “:” -f “:” -at “c1r” Dana_Rig_v1_7:ScaleBlendRoot_M;
// Result: 1 // "
In the Channel Control editor there is no option to unlock any feature. How can I solve this? I need the complete controller to be unlocked so I can move the rig.


Hey steFan, it looks like you dont have a controller selected. I am not familiar with dana rig, but normally controls have ctrl in the name or CTL, something like that. scale blend root, sounds like something to do with the blend shapes and it scales them maybe not sure. I wouldn’t touch it . you can unlock attributes in the attribute editor.