Csbutt #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


@justcallmeinsane Thank You. The digital sketches are actually cleaned up sketches with the rough lines removed. I use an intuos pro tablet so much as I would like to sketch the same way the fact is that drawing looking down and drawing looking up just feel different to me and so require slightly different takes.
Both have pros and cons. Traditional drawing I feel I can be a lot more loose and impetuous so is good for brainstorming while digital I can fix proportions and placement so is easier for pictures with multiple characters interacting.

Well today’s drawing is again digital and is for the prompt: Lights. Poor tiny dragon despite his big dreams he can’t even help put up the lights without getting into trouble.


Back in inktober I designed a series of tiny dragons (The main one you see was on the theme of Autumn). However one of my favourites was the totally 80s retro dragon so I want to revive her and make her a real character with a support human. I hope to draw more of these two along with my other pair.
Prompt was: Merry


Love your last 2 images! Especially the 80s theme one. I think your presentation of it is great and definitely looks merry to me.


You have some realy nice drawings! keep up!


Thank you justcallmeinsane and grafik
Today’s is to further explore my new character, I’m not completely happy with her outfit but I think the overall picture does a good job of portraying the personality I want for her. Compared to my other who is more quiet I wanted her to be more lively and mischievous. As for her clothes I think it will just take time for me to get used to drawing her retro taste in clothes.
Prompt: Gingerbread


After teasing the poor tiny dragon yesterday today she’s feeding it popcorn from her popcorn strings. (I don’t think the popcorn strings are going to last long either) I’m a bit happier with today’s outfit.
Prompt: Garland.


Going back to further working on this one, refining the colours and starting to add shading. I’m not sure if this counts as a drawing but I think it’s nice to sometimes see a picture taken further.
Prompt: Season (it’s part of a series, Autumn and Summer are already done)


Heeey you went back to it! SWEET! It’s great to see this coming along. Looks like you lost some of the wall space on the right? I think that might throw it off balance a bit, so careful with that. Otherwise it feels pretty good… all warm and toasy like :smiley:


_pretty good _ Drawings
_ Fav is Prompt was: Merry keep up!


I realised I didn’t have enough males so here is a young pirate. He heard a rumour that there was treasure at the North Pole so with his trusty dragon has travelled there to dig it up. (He is also magical that’s why he isn’t frozen) Prompt: North Pole.

@infinitedivide I did move the composition a bit to the right because when I added colour I noticed the composition was very central and so was looking flat.


It turned out not to be treasure that Santa had hidden under the North Pole luckily the freezing weather is slowing it down but time to run!
Prompt: Freezing.


lOokout… ZOMBIE ELF! :stuck_out_tongue:


Today’s is just a quick one as I was really busy. “Hurry put your skates on and get away as fast as you can, you need to find help and warn people.” (People on Instagram have dubbed my elves Christmas White Walkers … Christmas is coming! :slight_smile: )
Prompt: skating


This little guy was designed early in the month and is now finally getting some drawing time. His family is running very late for Christmas so they are only now decorating the Christmas tree, with his help.
Prompt: Decorations.


Haha, the more I see your work, the more I like it. It is cute and innocent, and it just makes me smile (which doesn’t happen very often)
Keep going !


Your season image is coming along so nicely! Your freezing drawing made me laugh. I love everything else so far, keep going :slight_smile:


Today all of the tiny dragons combine their powers to hang some bells. Prompt: Jingle
I’m a bit late because my internet was playing up but I posted on social media earlier.

@Lammakian and @justcallmeinsane thank you. not many days of drawcember left but I’m glad people have been enjoying the antics of the tiny dragons and friends :slight_smile:


such good characters _Especially like the reindeer _ Keep it up!


Clothing has to be a bit more simple when you go sledding. But it can still be a lot of fun with friends. Prompt: Sledding.

@darkKiell Thank you


_ Well Done_ _``~…Happy Christmas