Csbutt #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Here is my first drawing. This is just a very rough sketch to help plan out a future painting, featuring a girl and her tiny pet dragon enjoying a rainy winter’s day. Prompt: Winter
Made using a Wacom Intuos Pro and Clip Studio Paint.


Day 2 of DrawCember. Just a simple cosy sketch not intended to become anything bigger than what it currently is. Made in Clip Studio Paint with Intuos Pro. Prompt: Scarf


Today’s drawcember is traditional. It’s me just brainstorming ideas for a tiny, doll like dragon. I love using blue pencil because it doesn’t smudge as much as lead pencil but it also can be hard to take good photos of. I also still find physically drawing to be one of the easiest ways to brainstorm character and creature designs. Prompt: presents
My instagram is: CukiArtist. If anyone comments on my images during drawcember I’ll try to comment back on yours.


I like your drawings :). Are you going for a theme or a story? I’m curious to see where this goes :).


Thank you :slight_smile: .I’ve been playing around with people (often witches) and their tiny dragon companions for a while, I started drawing them in Inktober and found I enjoyed it. So they will probably be the most prevalent theme but other things might also pop up, such as other projects, studies etc.


Yeah I think that first one has some good potential… so don’t forget about it!


Thanks. It’s actually a base sketch for the next in a series I’m doing of these characters in each season with rain. I’ve already done Autumn and Summer, so this is the next one, Winter.


These events help me be so productive :slight_smile: Here is today’s post, it is the refined sketch and tones for my next rainy season picture that I roughly sketched on day 1. (I’ve already done Autumn and Summer). Prompt: Frost


Day 5 of DrawCember, due to the current confusion I’ll be using the prompts more but not in order since there are enough that I can pick and choose a bit. Today I used ‘vacation’, although maybe not what you northern hemisphere people are thinking of. :slight_smile:


On Day 6 they decided to do some baking, making cookies for presents but someone keeps stealing them…
Prompt was ‘cookies’


coming out pretty nice``~…


The recipe for cookies looks good.
Very nice.


@STFVIT and @darkKiell thanks, although I think the dragon already stole the choc-chips for the cookies :slight_smile:

Today’s is just a simple drawing. On Christmas Eve they heard a noise coming from the roof, and are heading to investigate. Prompt: Candle.


_you’re welcome _ _``~…:cool:


“They were both surprised by what they found on the roof, a reindeer dragon! However she told the tiny dragon that it was nothing to be scared of and that they should go back to bed.”
Day 8 Prompt: Reindeer.


I like that you’re using characters in different scenarios! You get to know them better and it’s just fun in general. That little dragon is adorable and I will take ten.


Tiny Dragon was so impressed by the reindeer dragon that night he dreamed not of toys or presents but of sleighs and flying. Prompt: Sleigh

@justcallmeinsane thanks. It’s something I’ve long wanted to so but never been confident before. That i’d be able to make them recognisable and interesting.


Hey, your little characters are really good. It reminds a tiny little bit of Rapunzel and her pet (forgot his name) only younger and cuter !
Every time you put them in a different situation, you give them more and more personality. That’s very smart !

Keep going and good luck for the rest of the challenge ! :thumbsup:


@Lammakian thanks. I find it’s been helping me too figure out their personalities. I started with just a vague idea but it’s becoming more clear as I have to decide how they would act in different situations.

Today’s drawcember I decided to go with something different but still Christmasy … these three sister fairies are getting into the Christmas spirit, although I’d look out for the smallest one. She’s definitely got mischief planned.


I love your sister fairies!! It looks like you’re more comfortable with traditional then digital, which is totally fine. Try sketching the same way in digital as you do on paper, I think it will help enhance them and provide consistency in both mediums.

Will you be finishing this piece or drawing more of them?