Crypto Puzzle Cube Panel 1 of 6 (WIP), Stephen McGowan (3D)


Title: Crypto Puzzle Cube Panel 1 of 6 (WIP)

Name: Stephen McGowan

Decided to create a project to show all my abilities.

The panels will be incorporated into my new site. Using Ajax transitional page loads you will navigate the panels from a perspective of inside the cube. Still creating doodads and thingamajigs for the panels (CPU, Thermal Coolers, Fiber-optics, Dead Bugs, and Etc.

Each Panel has 8 Hex Values divided among 4 Sub Panels with 2 Hexs each. One Value is an ID the other is a Message.

Change the Hex to Bin and then Hash all the Messages to Create
a Key.

The Key will be entered in a form to retrieve the final Message that is Encrypted with Libsodium. :slight_smile:

All 24 panels will be needed to decrypt the final Message. X)


I would say crypto puzzle cube help the new invetors in the trading to make the mind sharp so that they can smartly invest in the Cryptocurrency Android Apps which will also help them to earn the maximum profit in this currency.


Each crypto puzzle that I have come across has been beautifully designed. It’s crazy how cryptographically these puzzles can contain clues that can stay public facing and then finally get discovered years after their creator invented them. They certainly are some of the more entertaining Bitcoin games as I’ve come around to see these things over the years.


I’m not a big fan of bitcoin. It’s certainly the first cryptocurrency, but it should go more like an index, then it will make sense. And the other new projects should develop along a different path. You can read a review on allcoinss about altcoins to watch out for.