CrisisMode #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Hi everyone!

I will be mostly sculpting for this challenge as I’m not the greatest 2D artist, but I will likely attempt some of that as well along the way. Good luck everyone!


Here is my sculpt today and my first entry for #Drawcember


I love the bright ring in the iris of his eye. Really makes him look evil haha. Also nice wrinkle details around the mouth!


I agree with justcallmeinsane about the eye, that ring of light sure brings life to it!


Thanks guys, it’s nice to get feedback and encouragement :slight_smile:


Day 2 for the @Wacom contest #DrawCember #madewithwacom


Alien with bad acne in his head, ehehe
Good work!


I like these sculptures, I find them very expressive.
Which program do you use?


Nice sculpting man! Keep up!


Here is Day 3… thank you for the kind words, I am sculpting with ZBrush. Still have a lot to learn.



I’m curiouss how much time it takes you to make one of this!..


It depends, yesterdays took a little over an hour but some of that was spent sort of toying around with the direction I wanted to go. If I use reference, then it might be a bit less time. I think for tonight I will use reference image(s).


Day 5


Cool sculpts! Love that you are taking time to Polypaint them.


Day 6 Mutant slug!


Almost seems one of the worms from Dune :smiley:


Day 7 and 8 doodles… as you can see, I stick to digital sculpting for a reason…