Creeto - Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Manzi, ZachM, thanx guys :slight_smile:

forgot all about this thread for the whole of 2010 :frowning:

CGS_DSF 2356 40 mn “Rascal”

PS. ~25mn

…and so it got painted for “real”. acrilics on canvas 24x33cm :slight_smile:



CGS_DSF 2358 60 mn “A Cold Day in Hell”

PS, 32mn



CGS_DSF 2362 NTL “The Bones of Giants”

CP + PS, 55mn


Creeto : You inspire me! Keep up the good work :]


Evercye, thanx. means a lot to me :slight_smile:

CGS_DSF 2365 60 mn "The Player’

CP + PS, 70mn


CGS_DSF 2367 40 mn “The Red Sky”

PS, ~26mn


CGS_DSF 2407 NTL “Adventure Land”

PS, ~160mn


CGS_DSF 2411 40 mn “Burnout”

PS, ~30mn


CGS_DSF 2408 50 mn “Dungeons & Dragons”

PS, ~40mn


CGS_DSF 2413 50 mn “Liberation Day”

TB, 45mn


I really like your sketches, Creeto. I’m working on creating quick but good looking speedpaintings, but I don’t get them good enough in short time.
I was wondering how you approach a sketch like “Adventure land”. Do you just directly wash away with color, or do you make a line art sketch before?




hello. i made a quick video of the “Adventure Land” work flow for you. hope you like it :slight_smile:
here’s the video on vimeo:
here’s the final result:


Awesome work Creeto! I like your style.


thanx LjSketch. a comment is always appreciated :slight_smile:


CGS_DSF 2592 40 mn “The Hunger”

PS, ~30mn


CGS_DSF 2595 60 mn"The Human Stain"

PS, ~30mn


CGS_DSF 2608 NTL "The Music Maker

PS, ~35mn


CGS_DSF 2608 30mn “The Witch King”

PS, ~16mn


[b]CGS_DSF 2611 NTL “The Girl From Moscow”

[/b]TB, ~15mn[b]



CGS_DSF 2612 50 mn “The Keeper”

TB, ~35mn