Creeto - Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


2009 - SKETCH # 37

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1703 65mn “happy loser”

Painter, ~45mn


… so many great concepts (and - aah - your productivity … :slight_smile: ) here,
its a pleasure to go through your sketchbook


thank you alena. looking forward to see more of your work too :slight_smile:
btw. awesome portfolio!

2009 - SKETCH # 38

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1704 55mn “Mars the God of War”

Photoshop, ~110mn


Simply a fantastic collection of work. I really enjoyed looking at them. Can i ask how you developed your talents? Are there any particular tutorials or books you used? One day i’d like to be able to draw concepts like this - the floating ship is quite amazing!

Cheers for sharing.


hello FluidEdge. thanx for the nice comment

tutorials and books will only show you how to do things and may improve your painting skills but ideas and concept are already in your head
my suggestion is; begin to draw, maybe here on DSF. draw often. at least 1-2 drawings a day. doesn’t have to be advanced. simple lines and doodles will do
meanwhile, look around the net for tutorials, speedpainting movies etc. all info you can find. if you have spare cash, check out Gnomonology and Massive Black. awesome tutorials

and finally, never ever give up. you’ll get the what’s-the-point-feeling at least once a week. don’t let it pull you down. i know i don’t and i have it 2-3 times a week
don’t wait, get started

thanx again :slight_smile:

2009 - SKETCH # 39

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1705 45mn “riders on the storm”

Photoshop, ~35mn


2009 - SKETCH # 40

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1706 55mn “Hot Lips”

Photoshop, 55mn


2009 - SKETCH # 41

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1707 45mn “The Journey Of Life”

Photoshop, ~40mn


2009 - SKETCH # 42

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1708 35mn “…and he wore Black.”

Photoshop, ~110mn


2009 - SKETCH # 43

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1709 NTL SIMPSONS CHARACTER- Self Portrait PART II

Painter/Photoshop, ~90mn


2009 - SKETCH # 44

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1710 45mn “Red Velvet.”

Photoshop, 45mn


Your work is an inspiration to me, i would love to see some tutorials written by you.

Keep up the excellent drawing!!!


thanx a lot. your words are inspiration to me
i don’t feel i’m ready for writing any tutorials but i will try record something in the near future and throw it in here with the sketch

thanx again :slight_smile:

2009 - SKETCH # 45

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1712 55mn “the city-world”

Max, Photoshop, ~70mn


2009 - SKETCH # 46

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1713 55mn “here comes the sun”

Photoshop, ~90mn


Your city-world sketch is fantastic! Good job…


thanx Matthew :slight_smile:

2009 - SKETCH # 47

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1714 30mn “The Guardian”

Photoshop, ~60mn


2009 - SKETCH # 48

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1715 50mn “The Red Lighthouse”

Pohotshop, 40mn


2009 - SKETCH # 49

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1716 55mn “The girl next door”

Photoshop, ~50mn


2009 - SKETCH # 50

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1718 45mn “The Dash”

Photoshop, ~60


2009 - SKETCH # 51

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1719 35mn “First Day at School”

Photoshop, ~50mn



2009 - SKETCH # 52

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1717 NT: CONCEPT ART: “FLASH GORDON: The Worlds of MONGO!”

Photoshop, ~40mn