Creeto - Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


My name is Arek Socha. I’ve been posting in Daily Sketch Forum for a while and though it’s about time i started collecting my sketches in this thread.

I’m mostly working with layouts and newspapers but I’ve been painting oils and drawing since i was little. I lost lots of it “on the way” and want to freshen up my skills, especially digitally since i’ve never drawn digitally before.

Well, enough said. C&C are most welcome.

Br. Arek


and so it begins…

    throwing in some of the latest sketches first
    [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1659 65mn "taxi adventure"[/b]](
    Photoshop, final time ~3hrs 45mn
    [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1660 55mn "The gift"[/b]](
    Photoshop, final ~95mn
    [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1662 NTL "A Gift for Santa"[/b]](
    Photoshop, ~90mn
    [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1663 NTL "Santa's Last Gift"[/b]](
    Photosho, ~60mn
   [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1664 NTL "The Holiday Trip"[/b]](
   Photoahop, ~40mnn

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1665 60mn “Whiteout”

   Photoshop, ~30mn
   [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1668 NTL "Happy New Year"[/b]](
   Photoshop, ~35mn
  and here begins 2009
    [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1669 NTL "New Year Resolution"[/b]](
      Photoshop, ~50 minutes

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1670 60mn “The little monster”

Photoshop, ~80mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1671 45mn “A Mountain Called Monkey”

Photoshop, ~50mn


[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1672 55mn “Escapist”

[/b]Photoshop, ~40mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1675 55mn “In the Hall of the Mountain King”

Photoshop, ~100mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1674 45mn “The Three Kings”

PS, ~28mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1676 50mn “Drive through the chasms”

Photoshop, ~60mn


Creeto - must say that you are really making progress over here and I will keep an eye on you :slight_smile:


hey, thanx for the inspiring words daw :slight_smile:

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1677 50mn “Her name is Lavender”

Photoshop, ~45mn


Creeto, I’m always amazed by how fast you can paint (and sometimes with your left hand) quality detailed subjects. I like your funny ideas too.
My english is a bit poor, but what I want to say is that you’re a great inspiration.
Keep it up !


gossage, thanx a lot
i’ve been drawing like crazy the last few months so i really appreciate the nice comment :slight_smile:

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1678 60mn “Cold”

Photoshop, ~70mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1679 60mn “Cold Blooded”

Photoshop, 60mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1680 40mn “Red Snow”

Photoshop, ~30mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1679 60mn “eskimo love”

Photoshop, 55mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1680 60mn “The Artic”

Photoshop, ~55mn


All great stuff, love the ideas behind most pieces, the match box and the kill smoking are incredible for the time limit.


thanx Zac-Donald. always nice to hear such comments :slight_smile:

 [[b]CgTalk Daily Sketch 1681 60mn "James the Black Sheep"[/b]]( 

Photoshop, 60mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1682 50mn “The place of no return”

Photoshop, ~80mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1683 55mn “Electricity”

Photoshop, ~80mn


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1683 45mn “TheTourist”

Photoshop, 50mn