Creepy bug, Daniel Bystedt (3D)


Title: Creepy bug

Name: Daniel Bystedt

Sculpted in zbrush and textured with substance painter. Rendered in realtime using the new eevee viewport of the upcoming Blender 2.8

I’m doing some testing of the upcoming Eevee viewport for Blender 2.8. This is bug creature that I’ve made in order to test the realtime screens space subsurface scattering in Eevee. Great job by blender 2.8 viewport dev team. Thanks to Clément Foucault? for implementing this great feature! Blender is a free 3d application that can be used for any purpose. Please note that the Eevee viewport is still very much in production and the build is unstable. You can download the stable release of Blender here

And you can try the Eevee viewport if you download an unstable build of Blender 2.8 (bottom of page).



Hi, really creepy and fantastic modelling and good example for SSS.
May you are interested to publish it to “The latest Eevee demos” at Blenderartists too.

Cheers, mib


wow! great detail and great concept!!! very creepy