Creating rivets in blender


Hi guys,

I am a big steam punk fan. And I’m trying to make a little cinematic scene.
For this I have tried to create rivets and screw heads in bender. But the result is not that what I was looking for. Especially if the amount of rivets is big.
Making rivets with normal maps limitates the resolution. So if you come closer to the object you can see the missing resolution. And of course you can’t see
the rivets if you look from the side.
Working with modeled rivets brings to many verts and slows down the whole thing.
I have also tried displacement maps. But on the edge of the rivets you get a little gap, which is not good.
Then I have tried to go back to normal maps and have looked for some tricks with the resolution. Also in connection with other software.
But it is not really that what I was looking for.
Maybe one of you can give me a little hint to this problem.


try a bump map and increase the normals to give it a pop. and check the resolution of the picture you are using.