Creating Pose morph animations using layers from other programs



I have recently discovered the concept of a pose morph tag in cinema 4d and am very excited by the possibilities for creation! I understand that this command works within cinema4d and essentially makes any sculpting or modeling progress that you do within the cinema 4d program animate-able. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

I was wondering whether there is any way that this could maybe work with an imported Zbrush model. Essentially I have very complex models that I have already spent hours sculpting and modeling in ZBrush. It would be incredible if I could somehow animate the transition between these sculpts in a program like c4d. Maybe I can export out versions of the model at different intervals in the sculpting process and export them as layers in c4d? I have read on a forum that it is possible to create morph targets as layers to then export to other programs like Maya. Could this work for C4D as well?

Any and all advice is welcome!


Yes. Pose Morph is pretty flexible. You could export versions of your model (with applied Zbrush layers) as separate obj files and then drop them into the tag. Your file size could get large with all the versions of your model living in the same file. On the Pose Morph tag, select the Basic tab and make sure Points is selected under Mixing.

Update: I guess you could link to external versions of your model after all if file size is a concern.

Pose Morph also works with texture tags so you could even morph between displacement maps, etc.

Link to Pose Morph info:

*TIP: In C4D you can right click parameters and scroll down to ‘Show Help…’ to get info on every part of a tag in the C4D Help window.


thank you for your help! it is much appreciated!