Creating oversized eyes


I’ve been playing around with a new style of character design (manga) but I’m running into some technical challenges when it comes to oversized eyes. I’ve attached two examples to illustrate the matter.

The front facing image shows very large and full eyes. The profile image shows that the eyeball is rather flat and not protruding out of the eye socket.

I have used various sized spheres but they don’t fit well and they always stick too far out of the socket. I would like to ask those with this form of modeling experience what is the best way to create this style of eye as seen in these illustrations so that they also be animated to rotate. I think I may be overlooking something obvious so rather than wasting more time with tests I thought I’d post this question here for creative input.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.


There are two things you could do.
Use bigger spheres or use a lattice to squeeze them.

Take a look at this rig here.

Or this mode lfrom the master of topo.


There’s a great explanation of how to animate stylised eyes via group towards the end of this video