Creating new fill layer


Hi, I’m learning about canvas (HTML) but I’ve learned during the course one thing about Photoshop function but I don’t know how to obtain it by myself.
Here you can see the tutorial (polish language but it doesn’t matter).

When we’re creating one path clockwise and other one smaller anticlockwise, then theoretically we should obtain the empty area created by smaller shape (anticlockwise).

The problem is…
I don’t know how to fill the shape the same way as on the tutorial.
I use Layer > New fill layer, but the effect is slightly different.
Anyone knows how to fill this path to obtain filled compound path?

My effect


After you make the paths, deselect all. Go to LAYER menu. Go down to NEW FILL LAYER SOLID COLOR and make sure Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Path is selected.

That should do the trick!