Creating LOD


What’s the best tool to create LODs for characters?
The LODs doesn’t

do a good job as you can see below:




you can fine tune your automatic generated LODs, you will see that on every generated mesh you have a “polyReduce” node with a lots of parameters, keeping quads or not, or even paint areas that you would want them to be more or less reduced.


Even with those parameters, the tool still does a bad job specially for lowpoly characters.
You see because you set " preserve quads" to 1 and all the other parameters, the first LOD is generated which is already a bad quality and the rest have the same poly count because of the settings.

If you do this by hand everything looks perfect but it takes way more time.

Any suggestions?


well all your LODs have the same percentage (20) so of course the polycount will be the same


LODs for chars are done by hand not automated. At least LOD1 and LOD2.
Autoreduce does know nothing about animateable topo or silhouete. Important details could get lost.


same things happen if I have 25/30/50/75


I agree nothing matches the finesse of a modeler.