Creating custom material help


I am trying to create a material sent to me as a sample piece and need to make a material for it in 3ds max with vray. I am new to vray and max and have always worked in maya/arnold and need some help figuring out how to recreate this material. It is a plastic that seems to be made up of smaller pieces of plastic forced together. There is green, dark green, tan, and white pieces that make up the material and no matter what maps I use I cannkt get it to look exactly like this.


I prefer using photos rather than procedurals, so someone else with more experience with procedurals may be able to give you an answer that works better for you. The color on it seemed unrelated to the shape of it (bumps on the material don’t seem to be related to the way the color is on it … if that makes sense?). So if you have the actual object in your hands, I would just see if I could take pictures of the color and use that as a tileable texture (and once it’s tiled, I would take that clone/heal to break up the tiling). The bumps on the object itself (or the small pores that I thought I saw in the pics) would just be a matter of sculpting (or in the case of the pores, adding noise) in Zbrush. Hopefully that helps somewhat …


see if you can find something like a voronoise procedural and use it to drive the effect