Creating Curved hallways "on the grid"?


Hi all,

Quick question about something I’ve not been able to find a “reliable” solution to. It’s 100% experience, and probably still thinking like Blender…

I’m trying to figure out how I could create modular assets that can “snap together” on a grid, say in a game engine, or even to assemble for a scene to be rendered (but more for a game).

In particular, I’m trying to figure out how to create a curved corridor where I can control exactly how it begins and ends, its radius, its total angle (90 degree turn, etc). And of course, they have to be able to line up correctly with other objects (other corridors, rooms, etc).

I’ve tried path extrusion along an arc (basically a circle with 3/4 deleted), but that didn’t get me the results I wanted. I haven’t seen anything like a “modifier”, “spin tool” or “bend tool” like you’d find in Blender, or another program.

But I know it HAS to be possible to do this in Silo. I’m just unsuccessful in finding or figuring out how to do it myself.



At the moment there are no modifiers/deformers such as bend/twist etc in Silo - hopefully we will see them as some point.

The simplest way I can think of to create a basic curved corridor would be to model the inside wall - Draw out two floor edges to create a 90 degree corner snapped to the grid, extrude the edges up to create a wall, bevel the corner to round it then use the shell command to complete the corridor.

I noticed today that the shell command is not particularly intuitive in regard to accuracy. While testing the process - to get a wall thickness of 1 unit I needed to shell with a value of 3.16228… heh.

Check out the snapping manipulator - I think you will like it.