Creating a UV Map from Within Nuke


Hello i am trying to be able to project an image onto a scene downward and from the ‘Y’ axis.

I don’t want to bring in any 3d geo into nuke or use any external plugins.

And I was thinking if I can use the Point Position Pass in a 3d scene, and a projection camera, and somehow output a UV pass out of it, I can do it that way?

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or if I need to clarify things more.


Just apply a UV map as a texture to your geo. You can make one really easily with an expression node.

set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
Expression {
expr0 (x+0.5)/(width)
expr1 (y+0.5)/(height)
name Expression1
selected true


Did you ever figure this out? I’m stuck on this one as well. Thanks!


sorry that would require bringing 3d geo into nuke which isn’t an option.

Basically how do I convert a pworld pass into a uv pass?


For whoever still looks for a solution, you can use the position map as UVs in a STMap node. The issue is the position map values quickly go above 1. You need to apply a very low grade>multiply node to bring those values down. It’s still not going to tile though. A solution to make this tile is to loop the colors back to 0 as soon as they reach 1, you can use a ColorLookup, add points to the curve on the left and right to create a jigsaw looking curve that goes back to 0 as soon as it reaches 1, then loop… Do that for as many tiling as you need…