Creating a planet grid with Splines (LONGITUDE & LATITUDE) for a planet like the earth


Hi Folks,

i try to create a spline-based grid for a planet with separate splines for the longitude and latitude.
Can you help me with that? Its no problem to create the LONGITUDE with a cloner and a arc spline. But is is much more complicated for the LATITUDE:

  • Create a sphere
  • Make it editable,
  • Select the edge loops you want (longitude or latitude)
  • Go to Menu / spline / conversion / edge to spline.

If you need to use effectors on them later, put them in a fracture object.


There is a problem and a reaseon I am looking for a different approach. Spheres can only devided in segments equally for example 32 in each direction. Since I am going for a different setting I could use your method on 2 different spheres, butt I am pretty sure there is a more elegant way to create a sphere meridian rig…


GeLoSy 1.3

Besides the geo location stuff GeLoSy gives you a globe rig with all the geographic lines.
LAT, LON in degree steps from 5° to 90°.
Converting the GeLoSy object gives you the sweep hierarchy.


You can do it with iteration and some trig

meridians.c4d (330.3 KB)


With a suitable array of straight splines and the Wrap deformer, it’s pretty straight forward. See the attached file.
Lat and Long with Splines and Wrap Deformer.c4d (184.8 KB)


Thank you jedi. Well done. This is what I was looking for…


Thank you PCOOMBES! Amazing. You even animated the splines… The Wrap deformer is an interesting and very smart solution… GREAT! Thanks again!


You’re welcome.