Creating a new Main Menu in 3ds Max


I’m somewhat familiar with the reference to the Menu Manager for creating menus in 3ds Max, but I was hoping it was possible to do this in a simpler manner, and without actually having to create macro-scripts for each item you want in your menu.

I know that I’m asking about something people rarely see the use for, and which might not even be possible, but for the sake of simplicity I would really like to find a better solution for making and maintaining menus in 3dsMax. The reason why I want to call the scripts directly instead of having macros, is that whenever a script is called directly it will close the previous instance of itself (which is something I appreciate).

I’ve created some sort of pseudo-code of what I ideally would want as a way of defining a new menu in 3dsMax:

MenuName = "Script Menu"
SubMenu1 = menuMan.createMenu "Scripts Category 1"
SubMenu1.menuItem1 = fileIn(@"PathToScriptFolder\MeshScripts\")
SubMenu1.menuItem2 = fileIn(@"PathToScriptFolder\MeshScripts\")
SubMenu2 = menuMan.createMenu "Scripts Category 2"
SubMenu2.menuItem1 = fileIn(@"PathToScriptFolder\TransformScripts\")
SubMenu2.menuItem2 = fileIn(@"PathToScriptFolder\TransformScripts\")

I highly doubt it, but is it possible to simplifiy the process of creating/maintaining menus in 3ds Max even remotely close to my example?