Creating a mask/black&white image in photoshop,how?


So I want to create a black and white imagine in photoshop and use it as a mask in shake, Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t(which is really annoying), what the heck am i doing wrong? How do i exactly make one so I won’t be worrying about wasting my time on something that won’t work. Thanks!


Many people confuse layer transparency with an alpha channel, Layer transparency will not transfer (to any format) as an alpha channel (though both are masks in pshp)

Not completely sure of your question, do you want to create an image with an alpha or do you just want to take an rgb image and move the information (image) to an alpha channel (in shake)?

To create an image (in photoshop) with an alpha go to the channels, create a new channel (named alpha1) and paste whatever B&W image you want to be the alpha into the the channel “alpha1”, save to an image format that supports alpha (PNG, JPG2K, TIFF, IFF,…) shake will be ablt to read any of them (and the attached alpha) correctly

You can take any image in shake and move any channel to any-other channel (ie take a channel and move it to alpha) using the reorder node. (so you could take the r g or B (or luminance) and swap that to the alpha channel.


Given that the image in the R, G and B will be exactly the same as in the alpha, why even give it an alpha? Just draw your black and white image, save it as an .iff, .tif or .tga and reorder it RGBR when you bring it into shake.

Alternatively, just do it all in shake if the painting/masking is simple enough.


Thanks! Now I know what to do =).


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