Createing 1st character


hey, I’m working on creating a character, and I was wondering if I could get some direction on where to go from here. I have blocked out the character and put anatomy on the sculpt, but something feels off, and I can’t seem to figure out what it is that I’m lacking at this point




My goal is to have a good foundation to practice on and not build bad habits to start with.



The proportions doesn’t fit. The vital parts doesn’t fit to each other. Hands too small, head too small, hips too big, upper body too small, and so on. The parts are not exaggerated equally. And the boobs needs to learn gravity. Then, some parts are detailed already, but some not. That’s why it looks off in the sum.

My advice is to look for good reference material before you continue. You need to know where you need to arrive. This can also be a mesh from a character creation software like Makehuman. And when your goal is more an anime like look then i would study anime proportions first. You can start to model freely once you know the anatomy.

Kind regards


Thank you so much for the feedback and the link to that tool I’m going to start using that to help with reference right away!!!