Create Vertical Cross Sections of Model and Displace with Effector


I feel like there has to be a relatively easy way to do this, but I’m not quite sure. I’d like to achieve something like the following artwork:

It would be easy to displace the rectangular prisms with an effector if their position was determined with mograph, but I’m not sure how to do that in such a way that the prisms which aren’t displaced are the perfect height/position to look just like the model.

How would you achieve an effect like this in C4D?


Looks like it’s just a lot of rectangles affected by a field to move randomly in Y using a noise. They form a cube. The field has a cubic fallof , it can be seen near the “blend” with the face.


Maybe not as elegant as other options … this example used a boole
narrow cubes / make editable and offset in polygon mode



would have done that sort of thing together with polyfx. There are probably other ways to do this these days.


Here’s my approach with Voronoi Fracture and Fields:

Scene: (3.4 MB)



Thanks for the great ideas everyone! This was very helpful.