Create costum value for button



I was wondering if it is possible to make a button be preset to an action?

Ill try to explain what i mean , I’ve been using Maya for almost 20 years and now im switching to 3D smax.
In Maya you can make your own button and have the settings of that button preset. Like merge 0.01 or soften edges 45degree… Now I want the quadify Mesh Modifier to be set to 100% when I use it. I already made a short cut but I wat that shortcut to use the value of 100% right away instead of the given 4% it alway uses.

Could some one tell me if this is possible in 3ds Max?


addmodifier selection (Quadify_Mesh quadsize:100)
drag the strings to the toolbar like in maya , click it would add a 100% modifier to selected object


sweet this works! … now im trying to figure out how to hotkey this. I made my own toolbar and placed it there , gave it a different icon but now the hotkey…
Thank you so far!

Edit … Nvm I found it the macro was called Macro 2 so I had to look for that.
thanks a lot you saved so much time of my project!


you could use this tool to create a macro script
or manual