Create a mesh by joining paths in C4D


Just opened C4d for the first time in 15 years and am struggling to remember much at all, it looks a bit different these days. My issue is that I have a series of illustrator paths that I want to turn into a surface. they are essentially 5 different waveforms that have been traced. I want to spread them out and join them together creating polygons by connecting the vertices.
I can combine the paths into a single spline and can select 2 points to join together but because they aren’t the ends of the spline they won’t just connect. If I weld the points they join into a single point instead of bridging between the 2 and I just can’t remember how I should approach the problem. It seems like it should be very easy but I am struggling to find the right operation or procedure.
it isn’t as simple as extruding I just want to play connect the dots. The polygon pen looked promising but even though it highlighted and snaped to the points on the spline the points were not actually connecting and things got crazy.
Please help, I feel bad for asking such a crude and basic question but I need this done quickly and don’t have time to refresh myself with every function and feature before I can remember the right way to do it.

Any help greatly appreciated,