Couple of quick voronoi fracture questions


Hey guys

Working on creating an porous organic looking object using an inverted voronoi fracture. Problem I’m running into is everted fractures don’t seem to go all the way through the object, unless I’m misunderstanding how it works. See attached.

Secondly, is there a way to animate the positions of the fracture points? Like you can animate the noise materials or animate the positions of mograph instances. I want the porous object to look like it’s evolving.

  1. You could use the top object in the volume builder object to bool out a sphere; or you could use a C4D 3D noise on a random field in the volume builder object.

  2. The voronoi fracture object can be affected by a random effector, so yes! Exactly the same as a fracture.


Yep, and we’ve done that several times, but what if we purely wanted to use just a voronoi fracture? Why don’t the inverted fractures go all the way through the object?

Hmmm, we thought so to, but it doesn’t seem to affect it in points mode. We’ve used the random effector in points mode on meshes for years to give them an organic undulating feel but doesn’t seem to work here. Just affects the entire object at once, even set to points.


Random effector works as you’d expect on a fracture object in normal mode but not inverted. Still digging.


For the randomness, add a matrix into the sources tab of the voronoi object. then you can do standard mograph stuff with it.


Oh that’s great! Nice tip, thanks Daniel! That’s working a treat.

Now trying to figure out a better solution for the volume mesher where it pops all over the place and looks more like a time lapse than a smoothly evolving organic object.


Nice tip, very useful! Thanks :slight_smile: