Corrupt Maya Scene File. Is there any hope?


It’s a finished animated scene and all I did was rendering with breaks just because it was taking so long.
Yesterday I tried to open it and it froze at 87%. I tried many times. I also tried to open a new scene and then open or import my animation.
Is there any solution to this? If I lose this scene I lose not only my animation but also the rendered frames of the last three days.


share your file if you can, it will be easier.


if it helps…


try this


I opened it. and it looks like the entire scene is broken. everything.


the file is a bit messy.
from where you get that file?
i noticed that some mesh nodes (origin and output) are present but not “connected”. So you either got things deleted or maybe you were using some plugin that messed up your scene.

Cause the file itself doesn’t seem to have any deformers, animation or anything connected to anything.