Corporate Monster | A Sci-Fi/Horror Short Film by Ruairi Robinson | Short of the Week


“After being phased out of his job, a dangerously unstable man’s life spirals out of control when the prescription pills he takes start to have a side effect: they allow him to see the parasitic beings that have long been puppeteering our world from the shadows.”

I just finished a new short film. Some of you might have seen a few of my previous shorts, such as BlinkyTM & The Leviathan

Vfx took me about a year. Creatures effects created in 3ds max, vray GPU Next, phoenix, thinking particles and a tiny bit of Tyflow.


This is so well done! Could be a really trippy feature film. Good luck with that.
Any update on Leviathan feature ? That was equally amazing.


Due to the Disney purchase of Fox, it was not possible to make Leviathan there. Rights have reverted back to me.


Damn. Was already feeling dreadful for ‘Mouse Guard’. I wish you absolute best for Leviathan and Corporate Monster.