Corona Render Beta 2 is released



Have been playing with Corona for about a week now and I have to admit, I’m a fan.

It’s more adaptable than Vray when it comes to trial and error; Mixing lights: Getting quick feedback; Modifying exposure. It lags behind VRay as a true production tool for some things, but the biggest attraction for me is speed. I’ve never seen anything kill noise at this rate before.

Here’s a couple of scenes I’ve created so far. Neither took more than 20 minutes to render.


Top image is awesome, second image is my favorite. is that the same set of buildings but with night illumination? The city lights and the depth of field are fantastic. They just look incredible.

Do you have a huge multicore system?


Yes, they’re both the same model. You can see the rest of the scenes here:

I have to express a slight disappointment with the Corona beta, which I admit is partially my own fault.
I’ve been working on a piece for 4 days see below and saved the project with assets.
After a couple of minutes it told me it had failed, but the new project folder appeared to have saved all of the relevant texture assets. I even performed a quick test render and it rendered fine.

So foolishly, I removed the entire working folder; Filled with substance files, all textures and assets.
When I rendered again, I noticed that about 30% of my textures were gone and the original folder (due to its size) was unrecoverable. They hadn’t copied over as intended.

This was about 80% complete…
Still a big fan, but hope not to run into that bug again.


Timing couldn’t be better to see this. Can you tell me, does this version of Corrona have the Alsurface?

Thanks, Dan