Corel Painter Trial can't get through the firewall


I’ve been trying to install the Painter Trial since Monday. From what I can tell, the Trial “program” is really just a shell that then downloads and installs the actual program, but since we have a nasty firewall in place, it gets stuck. Is there a way to get the actual content directly? OR doesn’t somebody know how to “whitelist” painter so the Firewall stops killing it? I’d hate to lose out on this opportunity to participate over something so silly.


Which firewall program do you use?
You could also temporarily disable the Firewall just to download Painter. Than as soon as it’s downloaded, reactiave your firewall.


You could disable your firewall as AJBenson mentioned or create an exception to the software in the firewall to prevent it from “killing it”.


I unfortunately have no idea what my firewall is - It’s through my IT department. And I have zero control over it, and they get to decide what does or doesn’t go through (wherever “they” are). And yeah, it’s one of those situations where they will over-secure a network to the point the software won’t work. lol.


I would just get it on your home machine vs a work machine if you can’t get permission from IT to install it at work.


That’s what I ended up doing Remi; and now I just have to drag my home workstation to the office (office is where i have my personal Cintiq plugged in).

Thanks for the support!