Corel Painter 2019 file


Hey all,

So I would like to try and get some experience with Corel by using the free trial during this class but i’m in a predicament. I have no internet at my house (saving money) except for mobile hotspots, and my data plan would not support me downloading the entire corel file. Outside of bringing my desktop computer to work with me, there is no way for me to get Corel. I guess I could pull my hard drive out of my PC and hook it up as secondary drive here, but that’s a lot of work to download a file.

Is anyone aware of a zip file or something I could download and put on a USB to bring home and install at home? I’ve looked around but am wondering if corel just doesn’t offer one. I can activate the free trial with my hotspot. If not, may try another route.

Thank you


I"m kind of in a similar predicament. Just downloading the “Trial” program, doesn’t install the actual program. It installs a shell that then downloads the actual program, and if you’re without an internet connection at home, it appears you’re SOL :< (so far)