CopyUV 2.0 for Lightwave released


A new LightWAve version of the CopyUV plugin has been released, wich allows you to copy an image of the current selected uvmap into the clipboard, for fast transfer to your 2d painting application. (For me it speed up workflow enormesly). The new version allows you to additionally input individual sizes, and a layout version has been added, wich will export all uv’s of all selected objects.

In modeler subpathced objects need to be freezed first, before exporting a subpatched uv…sorry for this, (Layout version does not have the problem)

I could put this on gumroad, and sell it, but I think its better to let it speak for itself first, and you can donate to it, if you find it as usefull as I do

If you encounter bugs, don’t hesitate to mail me.


Very useful plugin as always, Chris!

Tested here with LW 2015.3 and it’s working perfectly with 8192 pixels capture. Both in Layout and Modeler.

Thanks a bunch!