Copy clone color to an other clone python


i´m trying to copy the clones color of cloner A to clones of cloner B.
I want to colorize the clones of cloner A (giver-cloner) with some effectors and transfer the colors to the clones of cloner B (taker-cloner). So the clone with index 1 of the giver-cloner will have the same color as clone with index1 of the taker-cloner and so on for all clones.
My little python script seems to work, but the viewport says smth different (same for the render).
After running the script and print the MODATA_COLOR of both cloners they are the same, but Viewport still shows nothing.

Is there smth i´m missing?

import c4d
from c4d.modules import mograph as mo

def main():
    g = mo.GeGetMoData(doc.SearchObject('giver'))
    if g==None: return False
    t= mo.GeGetMoData(doc.SearchObject('taker'))
    if t==None: return False

    colorsg = g.GetArray(c4d.MODATA_COLOR)

    t.SetArray(c4d.MODATA_COLOR, colorsg, 0)
    colorst = t.GetArray(c4d.MODATA_COLOR)

    print colorsg
    print colorst


solved the problem by using a Python Effector instead.