Cool things in Blender that aren't so obvious


I haven’t read through this entire thread, so forgive me if this has already been posted. To constrain a transformation to two axes at once, use Shift+(axis you want to exclude). For example, if you wanted to scale something on the XZ plane, you would hit ‘S’ to scale, then ‘Shift+Y’ to lock the Y axis.


i am sorry if i am duplicatin the tip

but i want to repeat its great

in edit mode
to hide the vertices of a 3d object

select the vertices

either by right click , right click+shift, or by pressing B

Press H

waHH the vertices are not visible

to see them all press alt+h

nice one for compliacted 3d stuff


Here’s an awsome one! There actually is a function for the RT dialog right in the animations panel!!! And it has absolutly nothing to do with animations!! lol heres the link!!



many of you I expect already know this, but I discovered CTRL + T triangulates models so I can joyfully export 'em to Unreal 2004.


If you have accidentally brought 2 objects into “Local View” mode (NUMPAD / KEY), you can send the selected object out of local view by pressing MKEY and click the popup.


CTRL + J joins meshes together (much like 3DMax’s “attach” in edit poly mode).

Yes I was a max user, aah the days.


this might be obvious, and probably in the manual somewhere, but I discovered by accident that if you hold “shift” while using the Scroll wheel it pans the view up and down, “ctrl” and the scroll wheel pan the view left and right, and holding “alt” while using the Scrool wheel advances through the animation frames


I don’t know how long this has been available but today I discovered by accident that if you hold down either the Left Mouse or Right mouse button for about 2 seconds, it brings up the add dialog. (Space bar)


so that’s why that thing shows up every now and then.
I work on some dense meshes for work, and transforming it can be very slow cause my workpc has a crappy integrated 3D card. when transforming, occasionally that thing comes up. Not too handy really.


Yeah, its always annoying when it pops up during a proportional edit, and you accidentaly blow up your models nose or something :slight_smile:

Though you can't turn it off completely, you can adjust the time it takes befor it pops up.
 Pull down the preferences window and find it under View & Controls. Set it as high as it goes and you should see it less often. :)
( mind that in Left Button mode: RMB == LMB and LMB == RMB )


Someting interesting I found out today:

You can have multiple selections modes truned on in edit mode(for meshes).
Have it set to vertex select mode, and just shift click on the face select mode button, and you can select either type…

It works in all combinations, definately a cool feature…


iondrewfarr thats a pretty good find there. I just discovered the handy ALT + RMB selects edge loops.

Can anyone tell me how you use soft selection in Blender (I miss it from 3DMax).


Soft Selection, Like brush selection mode?

Hit b once for box select mode(selects all points/faces within box), hit b again for brush select mode, just select like youre painting…(you can deselect with it too)


just hold down MMB for that. :wink:


That’s not what he ment, what he wants is pressing the O button. In in the header of the 3d view as well. several kind of falloff methods to choose from as well.

And if you like the alt rmb edge loop select, maybe you like the ctrl alt ring select as well.
Both these things work on vertex/edges and faces. shift and a combination of these add or removes from the selection.
Also available through either the ctrl e menu or the space>select menu.
Have fun.


cheers Freakydude , yeah I always found the CTRL + E menu very useful but Proportional Edit Fallof as Blender calls it is what I was after.

The arc buttons to the right of the main Prp. Edit button (orange circle) are handy, just would be nice if it has the couloured effect that Max has. Still I can CTRL + “+” or “-” a selection which is pretty nifty.


fixed the quote… :confused:


Don’t know if anybody has seen it already, but a very nice combination of the F key is there now:
F for Scale of brush
Ctrl-F to Rotate the brush (cool with procedural textures)
Shift-F to Strengthen th brush intensity

With these, you can do some serious damageleaving your fingers ready on those keys while sculpting. :slight_smile:


CDMJ - I could possibly hug you!!

And now for a blatant showoff moment from the me - your right 'tis very fast along with Multires which stores your sculps no matter what sub-D. Zbrush/Mudbox you better watch out.