Cool things in Blender that aren't so obvious


There is another way. Press B and then draw a box with MMB. Anything cought in the box will be deselected. Also works with BB and the draw selection. Draw with MMB and you deselect.



this doesn’t seem to work in 2.37a

Must be an Image texture and in wireframe to see it.


CTRL-Up arrow maximises your view… god i used to know so many of these. Havent used blender since 2.1

oooh The strokes interface, Left click n draw a Z shape to engage scale mode, A C shape engages rotate mode and an I shape ingages move mode. its un predictable tho


It go like this:
-a straight line: move.
-a circle: rotate
-a V: scale


lol oh well its been years just thought i’d try n help


I found this pretty useful:
using construction widget press Shift and then you get precision mode for fine tuning. Then release left mouse button (LMB) and holding Shift down press it again, then you’ll get moving along another axis.


If you have a material that you want to apply to a lot of objects at once:

  1. Select all the objects you want to apply the material to.
  2. Apply a material. (this only applies to the last selected object)
  3. press CTRL+L > Materials. (this links the material of the last selected object to all the other objects)

very useful trick if you ask me!


In 2.38… Ctrl-Alt-Scrollwheel and Shft-Alt-Scrollwheel


Works in 2.37a aswell!
(for those that are wondering now: this pans or tilts the view!)


I am not sure whether this has already been posted, but I didn’t want to go through all the eight pages and these last hotkeys helped me a lot.

CTRL + N = Recalculate normals outside (you might have to select faces before doing so)
SHIFT + CTRL + N = Recalculate normals inside

These last two hotkeys are useful when you extrude some edges and see a kind of seam in between (due to normals pointing in different directions).

Then, after selecting an edge, CTRL + NumPad+ selects the face associated with this edge. CTRL + NumPad- unselect the face.

Alt + J when having two tris selected makes a quad.

Everybody knows about the Remove Doubles option (hotkey: W), did you know that in editing window under the mesh tools panel, you can adjust the “limit” option so that “Remove Doubles” has more or less tolerance (i.e. weld vertices that are further?)

After rendering, you can use hotkey J to use a spare render. After the second render, you can use it again (hotkey J) to jump back to the first render, and then back to the second, thus making it easier to compare slight changes.

Last one maybe would be the X, Y, and Z hotkeys. After S (for scaling), R (rotating), G (translating, grabing), you can use X, Y or Z to constraint the transformation to the X, Y, Z axis, respectively. I have seen somebody constraining transformation to a plan (XY, XZ, YZ) But I don’t know how he did it.

Hope it helps.


ok, that’s even more incredible:
G, then Shift-X means moving in the Z-Y-Plane. Analog: Shift-Z=XY, Shift-Y=XZ… Works with scaling. with Rotating it’s the same effect X=Shift-X=rotate around X-Axis.


(this is my first posting here, so be gentle with me… ;))


toomuchcoockies wrote: (this is my first posting here, so be gentle with me… :wink:

the last hotkeys are very useful and totally new for me thanx a lot .:thumbsup:


Combining edit levels on a mesh.

When in Edit mode for a mesh (TAB key) you can choose the level that you wish to edit at. At the bottom of the 3D window, there are four buttons. Vertex, edge, face & backface cull.

By default the vertex level is selected, if you hold SHIFT and press the edge button, you can use both at once.



How about this one: I just found out, that to change select mode (vertex, edge or face) you can press Ctrl-Tab. But this way you can’t use the Shift-Key to ADD the select modes… Still could be useful, if you don’t have a header for the window you’re working in…



By pressing the LMB you can move forward - pressing the MMB puts it in reverse…


Very helpful. I’m sick of having to press 4 or 6 to rotate around to the oppisites. Did you know that pressing Ctrl+4 moves the screen left while Ctrl+6 moves it right. The same for Ctrl+8 and Ctrl+2 - moving the screen up and down (easyer done with Shift+MMB).:thumbsup:


:twisted: Pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow moves to the next screen selection. Ctrl+Right Arrow moves to the previous…:twisted:


Does anyone know how to change scene with the keyboard?



ctrl + uparrow/downarrow


That doesn’t change the current scene! It maximizes, restores the frame, in which the mouse is…