Cool things in Blender that aren't so obvious


Room335 Wrote:

I don’t know if this is commanly known or not, it’s just that I’ve always used it and I don’t remember where I learned it.

Edit mode, when you click the RMB near a vertex that vertex (face or edge)will be selected, RMB again will unselect. By holding the shift key this will allow you to add each selected vertex (face or edge) in that highlighted group.

Anyone know if there is a way to deselect vertecies you’ve already selected using the shift+RMB method? That is a problem I often run into-selecting a vertex accidentally that I didn’t want and having to start my selection process all over again…


Just Shift+RMB on the bad vert. Unselecting works the same as selecting.


Pressing the U key (Undo in Edit mode) will also remove the last selection you made.

Blender 3D 2.37 has been released and is now available from



Damn, that’s a nice one. Very useful for my “turntable” project.

Sometimes, when trying to use a boolean on a tri-based mesh, Blender gives the prompt:
“Wanna Crash?”
>Yes Please!

… but clicking it doesn’t crash :confused:


you can zoom the floating panel in 3dview by having the mouse cursor over one of the and pressing (-)(+). I always keep some floating windows in the 3d view while modeling, but some time they are taking too much space and I can hide it, as i need to see the adresse of the vertex.


Blender is a lot more stable now compared to when that ‘crash’ request was coded. It also used to appear when using beauty fill after face fill. (Ctrl+F in edit mode)

Blender 2.37 now has a ‘widget’, which replicates the red/blue/green axis symbol in 3DSMax in the 3d windows. Rotation scaling and movement of objects/verts/faces etc, can be manipulated using the widget, or in the usual manner of earlier versions of Blender.



Whenever you are loading images as a texture, you can hold down Ctrl while clicking on the ‘load’ or ‘open’ button and the original preview window will appear. But be careful. The preview does not like certain file types and may crash. That is the reason why it is hidden (:



Here is another one. When you are inside a file browser for loading or saving something and you want to create a new directory, just add the name to the path on top of the window and confirm ‘Makedir’.

Isn’t that convenient?



you can also delete(x), move(m), or rename(n) a file. you can do action on multiple files by seling with right click


Well I accidently discovered these today, not sure it it’s new to 2.37 or earlier versions.

In edit mode:

Holding down the CTRL key and holding the LMB drag the mouse, it’ll allow you select vertices in a free movement versus the B button. (Included the shift button to deselect. Try it, it’ll make more sense.

Hold down the CTRL & MMB, move your mouse vertically and you can get a more controlled zoom versus scrolling the MMB wheel.


to make screen saver !
rename the EXE file into SCR and right click it and install !


In Edit Mode and having selected only one vertex, pressing “E” will add a vertex, on a freely defined place, connected to the selected one (2.37a release).


As will holding CTRL and left clicking the mouse where you want the new vertex to be positioned.



If you hit ctrl-alt-shift-Tkey in a window, Blender will tell you with how many fps the graphics card can redraw that window. Valuable Benchmark



ctrl-d in 3dview can show alpha texture as wire.
very usefull for preview without rendering.


this one fits to the ctrl-D tip of Gabio:

If you have an object (works best on a mesh plane) with an image texture, you can use alt-Vkey outside editmode. This will adjust the object’s size values so that the image won’t be stretched when projected.



How can I make a render wich shows the distance of object to camera as colours (b/w)?

I think it is also called Zbuffer. I want to have a render of a scene where black is the object far away and white is near the camera.

Does anybody know a way to achieve this?


There are several threads on this topic at Blender’s user forums. If you can’t find the threads immediately, use the search function.



Thanks Sonix, I found a script that makes it possible to save these depth renders.


this doesn’t seem to work in 2.37a