Cool things in Blender that aren't so obvious


When you hit the R key, you rotate an object on the view plane. But if you hit R again you can rotate your object freely in the “trackball” mode.


Offtopic again but kinda on topic I guess :slight_smile:

I agree. Blender WILL be adopted in MUCH MUCH MUCH more places if they just re-did the UI. I am 100% sure of this.

The problem is who do you listen to?
Some people like Photoshop some like Painter.
Some people prefer Maya’s UI to Max’s and some like the way Lightwave does it.

Personally I think Blender should copy the UI of Cinema4D!! :smiley:


and some people just love blender UI :wink:


Is there a “” file I’m missing?
I can do an “import Blender” from within Blender’s Python Shell panel;
but Blender is Slow on my machine and I’d like to code & run some python scripts from IDLE (much faster). However the “import Blender” doesnt work from any program outside of Blender.

Any help would be appreciated,
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ooohh that makes me shudder, the idea of getting rid of blenders nice node based texture system and replacing it with c4Ds debacle :eek:


Here is a cool one that snuck into blender just recently (2.48 I think).

To “Snap” the view to the axis views without touching the numpad, start your rotation with the MMB and then press and hold CTRL. When you get near an axis view (front, side, top, bottom, back) the camera will snap into the orthogonal view looking down the axis. Very handy for Tablet users so you don’t have to one hand off the pen/mouse.


Blender’s UI doesn’t compare to C4D’s. It may be convenient for power users, but it ain’t for everyone. I have nothing against Blender, but as a former user I have to say that it has it’s faults - one of which is the inability to split the display over multiple monitors, the lack of an option to keyframe every property (including render settings!), the lack of an option to save render presets within projects etc etc etc.

have you ever used xpresso? it’s a node-based programming system native to cinema4d that works in exactly the same way as the blender material system…except it can be applied to most if not all of c4d.


Must admit I haven’t I last tried c4d at version 6 so I don’t know if this has been added since, or whether I missed it but at that time the default mat system was horrid.

Don’t get me wrong I think blender is incredible for the price, but I won’t say it’s perfect.


my sentiments exactly! :slight_smile:


Thank you for that tip Liquidape. :thumbsup:


to quickly step through animation frames, use ALT+MMB scroll… (to and fro)


Hi all!
Given that this thread has reached 13 pages, I thought I’d compile all the best tricks from this thread into an easy to read list:

25 Useful Blender tricks that aren’t so obvious

It includes video and pictures demonstrations to help out.

If you enjoyed the post or think I’ve missed out something out, feel free to comment here or on my blog.



I like to model using not the viewport background image but a image in a plane. So I create a plane and then create a material with the image, unwrap the plane and so I can see the plane with the image in the viewport.

Well, select the plane with the image and: alt + v
and the plane adapts to the size of the image. Now scale the plane to the size you want.

Before knowing this I always was creating the plane with similar measures to the image.


When you choose to show in node editor backgroud viewer node, then you can Shift-MMB drag to move the backgroud around.
Maybe obvious but I found it just yesterday.


I found this “discovery” useful:
if you scale in object mode their “scale” value will (obviously!) change, while doing the same in edit mode (i.e. select all faces/edges/vertices and then scale) will leave the object scale to “1”
bye :wavey:


if you select one vertex and press/hold ctrl and + then your selection area will grow till you have selected the entire connected mesh i hope that was explained well enough and make sure you don’t have anything you want to undo first this can take up a lot of your undo slots


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Is there a way to toggle the OB: boxes like in 2.5 but in 2.49?

or any other box, I mean, toggle it to watch and select all the objects…

Here is mine:

1.When you are going to charge a texture or image you can CTRL+click the “load” button and then you will see thumbnails.

2.“I” key over any button and you can animate it values, par example, you can animate the lamp energy values.


Is it an idea to make a new thread, same subject, but solely for 2.5?


I don’t know if you guys know this already. When weight painting, you don’t have to exit the mode. Just right-click on another object and start painting.