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Hi there,
I’m working on this project where I need a cookie cut map type of object but putting the texture map and its alpha in the texture map trays doesn’t seem to work, all it leaves me with is the texture completly cut but it shows the under color material, I need it trasperent. How do you do so?



I’ve just throw a little scene demo of what I think you are trying to do, yes ?

Hopefully it will help.



yes thanx,
but my problem is that even though the geometry is transparent where it should be it seems to cast a some kind of shaddow on other objects.
Is this a bug?
My kind of object is a leaf, so it uses two alphas, one in the color to make just the leaf contour and another in the opacity, is this wrong?



Have you selected ‘Transmissive Shdws’ for your transparent object? Otherwise you object is treated as a solid object from a shadows view point



I didn’t even know about that feature, I guess I should really start putting my time in reading the docs.!)
Where is it anyways?


yeah spend some time with the docs :slight_smile:



Too bad that under “texture map” in the docs there’s nothing that resumes the topic!)
It’s probably under surfaces though!


Hi there,
it seems that I have encountered some issue with messiah rendering cookie cut maps:
If I have a one sided polygon type of object, such as a plane, if I don’t have double sided checked, it won’t cast shadows, If I have it on it makes a strange transparency profile!!!
Trasmissive shaddows are on!
So I tried to plug in the texture map into the transperency channel, it doesn’t give me that aurea around the object, but it gives me some shaddow artifacts!
What is the solution for this?

Double sided off, no shaddows!
Double sided on, shaddows but render artifact!


I’m fighting with the same thing myself. Time to update the bug tracker!


Could this be linked to specular? My inexperience aside. I have noticed in various other programs that if a shader has specularity and is transparent it can cause this blurry issue we are seeing in the examples.


I don’t have any specularity, glossiness, refraction or anything like that on. Its. . . just some kind of freak bug.


Rago can you please go to Stooch’s bug tracker and confirm my bug report. It would be nice if you could also include images or even an .mpj file that illustrates the issue.


I’ve confirmed the bug report with an image!


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