Convert .stp to .c4d (or.3ds) ? Help Please


Hi the team! I hope everything rolls for you!
I know that there are some of you who will know this case;)
I’m dealing with a problem, I’m a film editor for an import export business, and they need a stylized video for a product, with 3D visual embedding. A complex robot must decompose and recompose on 3D FX

Used to working on After Effect to generate my effects and my 3D to my videos, I incorporate my meshs using Element3D, which only supports .c4d and .3ds, as well as .obj (useless : no meta for the texture)
Today I received the 3D modeling of Chinese engineers, in .stp format (3D CAD STEP), and you have understood, I have to transcode in the correct format while keeping all the meta,

I already tested all converters online but… my file is 150MB so impossible to open on these converters flanged at 50Mo max.
I downloaded somel FreeCAD AnyCAD AutoCAD Glovious application … But none could achieve this function! Either it is export in .obj or it is format not taken into account by After Effect …

A solution to transcode a .stp in .c4d or .3ds?

Thank you for taking the time to read so far, forgive my spelling, i’m french ! And thank you in advance for your answer!