Convert 3ds files to C4D files?



Do you know a good way to convert 3ds files to C4D files? The goal would be to have no conflict of lighting, textures, cameras etc as there can be passing through fbx or obj formats. I heard that there was a plugin for that ?

Thx a lot


Up ? Someone to help me please ?

The problem is that a friend of mine is working on C4D and would like to recover my exported files from 3dsMax. The FBX, for example, does not export textures or lights. And the format obtained with MaxtoC4D plugin does not open!

Is it mandatory to have 3dsmax and c4d on the same pc for the plugin to work? Or does the plugin work if I only have 3dsMax on my pc and my friend only C4D on his?

Thank you !


hi, as i know 3ds to c4d , need to use plugin program, the program name should be “MaxtoC4d”, you can find this on google. Good Luck!