Control/IK Orientation to match joints


Hi all,

Having a tough time finding a way to make this work. I have several IKs and groups controlling a few joints. These joints themselves have correct rotation and orientation, however, the IKs do not. This causes undesired deformation. How can I get the IKs (controlled by attributes in the channel box,) to have the same rotation as their joints?

I’ve tried everything I can find on google. Nothing seems to help out. Can anyone give any tips on how I can get this worked out?



This definitely is an issue, though I’m finding it difficult to find any other reason. To see what Pseudocrat is saying, select your shoulder joint, right click and drag in open space and select ‘Select Hierarchy’, then go to Display>Transform Display>Local Rotation Axes. You should see the hand/wrist displaying reversed orientation. You can correct this using the Orient Joint tool - this should be done without constrains or IK handles attached though, else it will cause your rig to break…